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What is the history of electronic cigarette development?

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What is the history of electronic cigarette development?
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In the 1960s, the design concept of electronic cigarettes existed long ago, but until recently, electronic cigarette began to be widely used, especially in Europe and the United States and other Western countries.Today, many smokers through the electronic cigarette to achieve the success of the body to get rid of the harmful cigarettes, but few people know who invented the electronic cigarette, and the product behind the historical facts.

In fact, the earliest electronic cigarette can be traced back to 1963.In the year, Herbert A Gilbert developed a smoke-free, non-cigarette device that works by heating the nicotine solution and producing steam.

In 1965, his R & D patent was formally approved, the same year Gilbert's smoke-free non-cigarette inventive concept for the first time in the most popular mechanical journal was mentioned.


In 1967, Gilbert worked with companies interested in this device to discuss the cooperation, to quantify the production, unfortunately, has not really put on the market.Since then, this smoke-free non-cigarette equipment began to fade from public opinion until it disappeared.

Time came to 2001, when Steven Vlacho designed the world's first electronic cigarette prototype functional samples, which through the electronic thermal resistance of nicotine containing biological mixed liquid heating, produce steam.

In 2002, this first version of electronic cigarette at the Geneva International Invention Exhibition officially unveiled to the public, causing strong interest in smokers.Nevertheless, Vlach did not apply for the invention of the product patents.

Until 2004, his similar electronic cigarette products appeared in China, completely changed his mind.He began to produce the first batch of electronic cigarettes, and claimed that his patent was stolen.Whether it is so, there is no way to verify his credibility.

Electronic cigarette products, is the twenty-first century the most innovative technology products, the introduction of the concept of environmental health, and break through the traditional monopoly of cigarettes, with epoch-making historical significance.

From the history of the development of electronic cigarettes, you can understand that any new things will always encounter a variety of obstacles and problems, but it is certain that new things must replace the old things.Electronic cigarette industry development road rough and bright.

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