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Electronic cigarette consumer guide: purchase, maintenance, use of the crowd and places

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Electronic cigarette consumer guide: purchase, maintenance, use of the crowd and places
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Electronic cigarette purchase guide

1, recognized origin

Shenzhen, is the capital of the founding, there are not only ideas, but also high-tech.Currently on the market a good electronic cigarette products, almost all from Shenzhen, Shenzhen electronic cigarette is the most mature, there are the most professional factories, professional team.And Jiangsu and Zhejiang area of electronic cigarettes, mostly family-style workshops, although the price is cheap, the quality is not guaranteed.

2, look for the brand

Brand, it represents not only face, it is quality.Electronic cigarette manufacturers good and bad, the brand is a reliable guarantee for the purchase of goods.

3, do not blindly, do not be cheap

Electronic cigarette products that are oil electronic components, and the quality of electronic components are high and low, good things certainly not cheap, holding a casually choose a cheap electronic cigarette products try, you may not just just a few dozenMoney, it will experience the pain of smoking experience, the big will affect the entire electronic cigarette industry, you are that a butterfly effect caused the butterfly.

4, the amount of smoke.

View the construction of electronic cigarette design, air intake, air flow channel.Excellent electronic cigarette design to ensure that a large amount of smoke, and secondly to ensure the stability of the smoke.

5, the advantages and disadvantages of atomizer.

The function of the atomizer is the atomization, the core of the electronic cigarette, an excellent electronic cigarette, must have an excellent atomizer to ensure that the excellent atomizer with a thick heating wire, outside the ring protectionFeatures, the average width of about 5 mm atomizer can guarantee a good amount of smoke.

6, the appearance of electronic cigarettes.

Good product, its appearance fresh, tight design, exquisite workmanship, can give people a pleasant feeling.


Electronic cigarette maintenance

1. place

Electronic steam smoke should be placed in accordance with a reason, the atomizer with smoke when the cigarette should be placed up, no smoke when the oil is relatively free, but it is best not to reverse, to prevent the remaining smoke inside the atomizer exposed.In addition, if the laying of electronic vapor smoke, it is easy to roll off from the desktop, as well as damage can not be used.And need to stay away from the fire and high temperature places.

2. battery maintenance

Battery maintenance is more important, because the electronic steam smoke battery is a major component, the battery as much as possible after the use of electricity and then charge, charging a full, do not half-way power, the battery is full within half an hour out,General electronic steam smoke is 2 seconds combo switch 5 times, switch machine; single mouth smoking time should not be too long to prevent the battery overheating affect battery life.

3. atomizer

The core of the atomizer is the atomized core, and the atomized core is made of resistors and wicks and some accessories.The most prone to the atomizer is that the atomizer produces a burnt taste.The reason is that the resistance heat will be caused by burning the rope.So in the use of the process, we should pay attention to the remaining amount of smoke, do not dry.Can be appropriate to adjust the voltage, do not pursue the high voltage, the appropriate taste like, if you want a big smoke, you must pay attention to smoke, the general residual oil in the 2/3 or more, with 5-6V voltage is not easy to produce cokePaste taste, with the reduction of smoke to slowly reduce the voltage.

4, on the oil spill and atomizer with some of the oil treatment

Conventional nebulizers generally have a guide hole at the bottom for gas.But a long time, there will be a little smoke (but will not leak to the fuselage, do not feel outside) overflow, this is the normal situation.It is advisable to separate the battery and atomizer every time you add smoke, and wipe it with a paper towel.Because the general day plus one or so smoke oil, rub once a day can be.

Applicable people and places

1, the use of the crowd

① long-term smoking and feel bad.

② long-term work in a smoking place and smoking habits.

③ have quit smoking volunteers (although the electronic cigarette can not quit smoking, but it has a supporting role in smoking cessation).

2, the application of places

① can be used for aircraft, trains, theaters, hospitals, libraries and other non-smoking places.

② can be used with gas stations, forest and other fire, fire units.

3, taboo use of electronic cigarette population

① minors.

② no smoking habits and allergies to nicotine.

③ pregnant women.

④ not suitable for smokers.