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China Electronic Tobacco Association is highly concerned about the FDA's latest regulation

2017-03-20 10:40:16 

China Electronic Tobacco Association CEA on behalf of the whole industry, especially those who export the US market counterparts, expressed great concern about the US Food and Drug Administration FDA on the electronic cigarette inappropriate regulatory policy, and the United States counterparts together for the new, great potentialOf the tobacco substitutes cry, and will work together for the Chinese counterparts to find a better solution and negotiation space.

FDA Food and Drug Administration FDA unexpectedly and unexpectedly announced the latest Tobacco Regulation Supplement on Friday, covering more than 1,300 chapters and including all new tobacco and electronic cigarettes.Tube, so the global community, business or individual are in the process of digesting this huge complex law.

Temporarily the world's largest electronic cigarette organization VTA, ECF, SAFTA and so have an urgent discussion of the matter, the overall assessment of the major organizations are the regulations will seriously hinder the development of the US electronic cigarette industry and ultimately affect the US 40 million smokers on the newThe choice of low tobacco.China Electronic Tobacco Association CEA its Secretary-General unit of electronic cigarette online will intensify the analysis and study of relevant documents.For the US civil indignation, FDA official immediately updated microblogging said, "the new law is not to be banned, but welcomed the manufacturers and brand follow-up applications."


In the United States, any legal law has the shadow of political lobby, this law, the need for in-depth understanding of the US tobacco politics can clear the whole starting point, such as the global electronic smoke forum founder Oliver last night quoted: "FDA requirements of the smokeDetection program is almost impossible to achieve, after August 8 will no longer have new products listed in the United States, even if the application, the number of accepted is not much, so all the law for a large company, are the perfect lobbying results.For Chinese enterprises, not just to understand, coping strategies will be an important part of the different lawyers held different positions.But we can expect the Asia-Pacific region's e-cigarette market will become the United States after the drive to suppress the new position of the US electronic cigarette brand.

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